On the Importance of Forgiveness

Turns out that forgiving is the healthy thing to do, not just for others, but for yourself as well:

Serene Heart Community - Seeking Forgiveness

On the Importance of Forgiveness
by Michael Romani

Emotional blockages put us ill at ease
And this manifests itself in physical disease
It's important to free ourselves from the drama
If we're going to get past all of the trauma

Frightened we are as we make this confession
Letting go of the things we hold as possessions
Our hearts communicate with our brains
While the incoherence of stress causes us strain

There in the acidity of our inflammation
We feed the fire often without explanation
Building up inside until we burn our temples down
Realizing this we can turn it all around

Reaching out with love to our innermost child
Who needs so much to feel God's mercy mild
It's at this point of realization that we know
That of our past burdens we can let go

All forgiveness is partly self-forgiveness
It's important to know and to learn to live this
Getting rid of our anger and our jaded animosity
Is key to find the path to our inner serenity

Forgiveness then is the path to finally letting go
And when and as we do, feeling the peace of God's flow
Life is not meant to be a cycle of victimized blame
Holding onto judgments is not how we win life's game

Taking this in its entirety can be soul revealing
Doing this in the name of others gives us healing
Living each day in the moments we are meant to live
Is that pause that we take less and learn to give

(c)  June 11, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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