Father’s Day With My Daughters 2019

Two hours isn’t nearly long enough, but, at least it was some time.

Maoz - Dreaming On Morning Breakers

Father's Day With My Daughters (2019)
by Michael Romani

Some dads find it fine to have bragging rights 
In that they've done in spending sleepless nights
But, honestly, I can say I know that simple as can be
Reading to them both while in the womb built empathy

So much so that my eldest angel appeared on ultra sound
That first time she sat up and followed my voice she found
Filtering at the entrance of the room as I was walking in
And she turned to me extending her finger again and again

And so it's been for both of my little ladies that I love
Two precious and cherished angels coming as gifts from above
Each of them opening my eyes to the world as I had not seen
Both of them reaching inside me to make me a better human being

Today, we went to the State Museum to look at fashionable hues
How each color struck different eras worth a thousand views
I watched as they learned to combine color and fabric's design
Into their own creations that struck me at times as sublime

Each gave me huge hugs that somehow made my troubles fade away
Each moment a dream cherished as we talked and walked today
A game of questions over lunch intrigued me as I grew to know
That they are getting older and wiser as each life surely goes

They didn't like my answer that with them is where I wanted to be
But to them time flows more slowly than it is with time for me
If I could change one thing in my life it would be to be together
Living more as their daddy and knowing more closely and better

(c) June 16, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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