To Know Us By Our Love

Based in part on 1 John 3:11-18:

Missing Melody  Revisited -I Can't Find My Way Home

To Know Us By Our Love
by Michael Romani

Our defining character needs to be love
To share that blessing we get from above
In every moment that we speak our talk
Love is best present in the walk we walk

To be Christians we must act in compassion
And make that example our best attraction
Giving to others what we have been given
Sharing in the truth that we can be forgiven

To love the Lord with all that we are and got
Is the measure of being not to be forgot
Loving our neighbors as ourselves as ourselves
Giving it out and not kept saved on our shelves

Both loves are actually the same in His eyes
If you know your Bible this is no real surprise
The genuine thing offer to God and all others
As we worship God with our sisters and brothers

It should be kept in mind that our love expressed
Is a reflection of our love for God truly confessed
There is no condition that sets this aside
And when we fail to do this it's usually our pride

Love one another is not just a sort of suggestion
And it's the ideal we embrace without hesitation
This is the message that Jesus drove in and home
That we walk this life together and not alone

Put simple, this is a nonnegotiable command
Our need for compassion, we must understand
And with our eyes wide open we are called to act
This my brothers and sisters is just a fact

The time to act is when we have that opportunity
Remembering that we are all part of God's big family
When we find that calling and we have that ability
We show our love for God by acting in rightful capacity

Loving not by empty words by actions and deeds
Finding and filling as best we can evident needs
We, as Christians, are blessed to become a blessing
And in so doing, we have removed all the guessing

In the loving of one another, there is sacrifice
Doing those things that we must to suffice
The bottom line is that love is as love does
For no other reason than we are told because

This the thing that God requires of His family
And to do less is the epitome of a tragedy
Doing all things with love as needed and freely
Being willing to sacrifice as God did with majesty

(c) June 16, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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