Sniper’s Sight

Was thinking of how it is for snipers out there serving our country…

The Upward Spiral - Scope!!! ... Twice A Day...

Sniper's Sight
by Michael Romani

Hail Mary, full of grace
She counts the beads of her rosary
Holding to the faith she embraces
Praying for the protection of her family

A bullet will kill you three ways
He explains with eyes that glaze
Dulled by the ironic absurdity
Of sharing  with the utmost clarity

That while diamonds may not be forever
Despite pithy sayings that feel clever
A bullet's path is that forever
From its truth many souls end all endeavors

Never wanted and never desired
The hurt inside makes him feel tired
Promises made but unable to be kept
Countless are the tears he has silently wept

A bullet will kill you in three ways
The sniper recounts his remembered plays
If you hit any solid extremity
You will bleed out in about almost 20 minutes precisely

If it hits the center of the chest
The bullet come to find and enter
The bullet will tumble until it rests
As muscles tear and bones splinter

The blood pressure will drop to zero
One more cold medal for one more dead hero
The last shot is what is called the kill shot
Straight to the head and death is instantly brought

Like a marionette with all its strings cut
You've died before it even registers in your gut
This then is part of the sniper's creed
This then is what is sometimes necessary, agreed?

At least that's what generals and politicians say
They've never looked seen this in a sniper's way
When you watch the eyes close for all eternity
Or stay wide open as though staring through me

There is a ghost that remains for every lost soul
And there is next to nothing that will console
The haunted nights when I dare not close my eyes
Instead I lay awake all night and wait for the sunrise

(c) June 26, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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