To Begin As It Began

Like the sea many of the best things in life ebb and flow, in and out and expanding just to contract back into its depths.

Teahupo'o -  Wave Selfie

To Begin As It Began
by Michael Romani

Like two ships adrift and at sea
That how it is they came to meet
No small trick, just a matter of destiny
There at the shore's stormy seat

From two different worlds apart
But like the sea joins at the heart
Those who are truly meant to be
It's all part of life's mystic journey

There where they fit their best
Is that place they find their rest
A true heart beams like a lighthouse beckoning
Ever present in the stormy sea's reckoning

A love felt as one that will persist
As only true love knows and exists
Two worlds maybe never meant to collide
Joined now as one that has trust to confide

It becomes true that life and love as it should be
Two hearts joined as one in known destiny
The sea carries away the sting of tears felt
As life hands not its cards so casually dealt

A soft kiss goodbye until together again
Such is as life is and always has been
All life begins and returns to where begun
Until that day that two can be as one

How can it be that we'll ever forget
Those things we know and will never regret
To understand ourselves, we go to where we began
Time is as fleeting as an hour glass' sand

(c)  June 26, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

La Vie - Collide





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