All In All Contribution

Seen from space all of this is one shared place of revolving interconnection.  I bet it’s like that in God’s eyes as well.

The Promise - Moon Shine Crescent

All In All Contribution
by Michael Romani

An ice face collapses into sea
With a familiar popping melody
That sparks a certain sort of frenzy
Until it becomes famine's familiarity

Marine snow falls across the ocean floor
Building growing mass impossible to ignore
As it grows to become a future desert
This is the cycle of life meant without hurt

A desert will in turn one day come to bloom
The blooms that only day fades into gloom
All of this then joins into on continuing link
When properly observed, I agree and think

Both sides and all that is around
Are all one and absorbs and surrounds
Whether above or below, this blue sky
Contains the oxygen that causes us to sigh

Yet, it is the thinnest of delicate blue lines
With gravity pulling it close under the sunshine
Like a plucked string that will eventually stop
Our atmosphere plays its song until it drops

Where in place we can walk to, oxygen runs out
Towns like up in the Andes remove all real doubt
Of what it means to be depend on our blessed oxygen
Reminding me of my own troubles yet again

There on the sky's rim we see and we learn
Of the hypoxia that we must recognize and discern
Too much or too little presents its dangers
As life becomes that flame shared with familiar strangers

A tightrope walk walked with death on both sides
There is a bounce in balance in which all life collides
As a mysterious something equalizes our need for stability
Consistent with all life's nuanced need for reliability

All of this is inter-related in one singular connection
And it makes me wonder how this has eluded our detection
All in all everything is needed in it's shared contribution
Perhaps in finally recognizing this we find our best solution

(c)  July 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The SL Planetarium -  Drops of Jupiter




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