Sometimes It Seems

Sometimes it seems…

SL16B Captivate -Play Land Reviisited -A Kiss of Good Fortune Too

Sometimes It Seems
by Michael Romani

Sometimes it seems
It's a life of broken dreams
Falling apart at the seams
Dams busted, flooding streams

I just can't find my way
Back to our yesterday
That I lived for becoming tomorrow
I've got a heart full of sorrow

Seems like I do nothing right
All of my sunshine is gone
I can't find a ray of light
Darkness keeps falling on

And memories, they keep calling
The moonbeams rising just for falling
And I know that I'm not just stalling
Or falling for that ole stonewalling

When I fall on my knees and pray
That your heart will be the one that stays
Please stop looking for false reasons
And tell me that you're not just teasin'

You're there in every breath that I breathe
Always present in the best that I conceive
So, please stop breaking my heart
I just can't stand when we're falling apart

Sometimes it seems that I've nothing but the blues
As I press forward, soul's shaking in my shoes
Daring your lightning, however frightening
But more than this, every moment enlightening

As you bring me deeper than deep
Inside the flame of my spirit's keep
Building invincible castles in our sand
You know you have my heart held in your hand

Baby, please stop hurting me for no reason
Look deep inside my eyes and know I'm not teasin'
I have been ever true since the real of me and you
Praying the Lord, help your sinner, tell me what to do

(c) July 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL16B Captivate -Play Land Reviisited -What Did I Do This Time, Babe?















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