Walking Talk of Talking Walk

Some say that a nice walk is the best time and way to observe, think and observe.  I see the point of this.  For me, it use to be to go on a nice 10-15 mile run.   Those days appear to be over, maybe walking is just fine?

Central Park Carmel, IN -  Shaded Path Dramatic

Walking Talk of Talking Walk
by Michael Romani

Some say that the best ideas
Come to mind while out walking
But that just might truly be
Some bodies busily talking

Mental meandering leads to innovation
Then again Forrest Gump crossed the nation
Knotty arguments might make us balk
But, we should never lose the desire to walk

There it is in the all in all
That breakthroughs come with each footfall
All of this trampling and ambling
Is taken in strides filled with rambling

Coveted landscape becomes on with Pindaric ode
Or, so it was told in the happy days of old
Pledging allegiance to those open spaces
That put boots on the ground and smiles on our faces

To walk, observe and then to sit and write
Unshackles the imagination in daily rite
Whether immersed in nature or the city's grime
To ignore one's feelings and thoughts is a crime

In our daily walks, we find the raw stuff
To make us dream and find that just enough
That comes to be the fuel of creativity
Whether it is found in town or country

(c) July 22, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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