Angel Falls (Recalls)

There’s a lot of power in the water that flows on this planet of ours.  Like the sun .. but a lot cooler.. it is a bringer of both life and destruction….

Dethly Island - Sunrise Beach Hangout - Pelican Falls

Angel Falls (Recalls)
by Michael Romani

Angel Falls like an echo of time recalls
Down over the steep ledge and along the walls
Clear, crisp and beautifully warm
Rolling down with the thunder of a storm

The force present shows its awesome power
Beautifully dangerous in its every hour
Persistently, consistently, rock is worn down
Crumbling away never again to be found

The pageantry flows as destroyer of mountain rock
Surely, it's true that it must come as no shock
Until finally it melts forming islands in the sky
Taken in by those like with me with our soul's cry

It seems that the earth itself begins to speak
Looking down from the tall mountain's peak
Flowing and mixing in its special sort of chemistry
Pouring out as the bearer of life's best mystery

Stardust into life warmed through with some heat
With the spark and added water that begs and entreats
Until with that jolt of kinetic, electric energy
The magic is worked and becomes the storm's synergy

Dynamically crackling in a flow of nonstop lightning
The bolts criss-cross in the sky fierce and frightening
As it ignites with its sheer coursing surge of power
Present in our newborn Earth's moments of every hour

Early Earth semi-floating in its primordial soup
Was constantly charged in a self feeding loop
Mixing and blending all of the organic material
Into systems of life that seem complexly ethereal

We have learned that life started in the ocean
Mixed with hydrothermal heat's bursts of commotion
One element serves as the back bone of all of life
Though now it turns up mostly in death's last strife

Death like life is a part of the cycle around
Full of mysteries to be sought after and found
Much of which is found in the flow of water
To understand the complexity of life look no farther

(c) August 17, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

My Surreal World in Plusia Land -Quck Draw Macaws




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