Further Reaches

There’s magic in the stardust that goes beyond the physical world we live in.  This is a bit half inspired by a tale of two worlds and of course blended with thoughts about my recent past…

Fantasy Faire 2019 - Stars that Meet the Eye

Further Reaches
by Michael Romani

Looking up into the furthest reaches
Seen from the shores of moonlit beaches
It makes me feel more human
When I take the moment and can
Gaze up into the twinkle of stars
Into the naked night and away from lights and bars
Wondering if anyone up there
Or, anywhere far or near
Looks down toward me or our planet
A billion light years away almost demands it

There are things that exceed science
And play majestically on my conscience
In that time to time that I think on it
Or on other things as I see fit
My mind always swirling with questions
Your feelings leading you to hesitations
And while I see the world as our played field
You're almost as certain you shouldn't yield
I pity sometimes that you put up with me
With all of my ponderings of philosophy

Some are always pushing further than they should
And I am not certain that that isn't good
Because it is from pushing that too far
That we get from where we were to where we are
As each dream has woke and uncurled
Time wasters like me wave our flags unfurled
Snowdrop kisses are the cost of the seen
There inside the pursuit of our dreams
Turned from cheek to meet desirous lips
Grazed upon softly with our fingertips

Enchanted as we are by our stormhold's chains
We join life's chorus of twisted refrains
It's hard to define the ways of desire
That warm our hearts with their fire
Sometimes it seems words only cause harm
No matter how well meant or how they charm
And so it is that I simply fall silent
Seemingly looking toward the distance so vigilant
Knowing that my true intentions as they were meant
Were to keep true the love that I felt
Before your passion burned so bright it caused...
      … the stars to melt....

(c) August 17, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Mimmo -  Sometimes Seems A Long Way Back To the Me I Used To Be




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