At A Half Mumble

Like the song says, if there’s a rock n heaven, you know they got a heck of a band.  Have you ever really stopped to think on all those who rose up like some latter day shamen only to burn out and fade away.. and yet still leave their mark on society’s common memory?

Desired Reflections - Rocking That Island Beat

At A Half Mumble
by Michael Romani

Spaced out troubadors
Splash across lost generations
Quavering melodies crumble
With words at a half mumble

Receive ready in stateliness
Caught up in its headiness
Fragile in it scare
Bordering on a list of real care

Stolen lines for the next fight
Hint of soul's darkness brought to light
A man child playing the part of a poet
Distorts his emotion afraid to show it

What's left to be said
When everything has been said
Twirled blues spin the mind
Yesterday's memories are left blind

Toxic on a personal level
Are the mixed messages of an untamed devil
Booze and sex offer line given highs
Dreams of the ideal slipped behind our sighs

It feels forever since we've chased dignity
Caught up in the darkness of our complexity
Looking of signals of strength in the wind
Steelier eyes seek our future past the bend

All the hopped up promises of love seem to fade
As those torn to dust insist on throwing shade
Pieces of puzzle whispered into our ears
Run away with the magic of all our rushing years

Cries worthy of some sort of a happy ending
Self imagined dreams worth some sort of blending
Glorious in the heaving of a heavy sonic melody
It offers truth of tender somewhat genuinely

Taken place across in its historical sweep
Heaven's unstable frontier makes us weep
Holding on as the ground shakes and hills burned
It's an epitaph to all things we've graciously learned

(c) September 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Bowl-A-Rama - Solid As A Spinning Rock




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