Like Sand Becomes A Pearl

On December 7, 1941, the then Japanese Empire attacked America killing some 2,400 people and bringing the US into World War II.  Today is remembered in the US as National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance.


Like Sand Becomes A Pearl
by Michael Romani

An attack such as this lives on in memory
Quite right it is to call this one of infamy
Lives lost and wars begun are a tragedy
But if lessons are drawn, it creates a legacy

A legacy of recognition that the only wars truly won
Are the type that we deflect and are never begun
Yamamoto said that a brilliant man avoids war
Perhaps we will find a way to never fight more

Many will gather today to remember the tragic events
Seventy eight years ago that we can not circumvent
But we can and did move beyond with hatred's end
And in so ending we became two nations of friends

As horrifying as it was and terrifying as it is
We would be remiss to allow fear to be the end of this
We must also remember all who gave their lives with bravery
Too many giving their lives fully dying with gallantry

With time, God changes everything into it's best light
Transforming every wrong done eventually into some right
It's much like how with time, sand becomes the oyster pearl
Like this then, we too, must go on and transform the world

While we must never forget that part which is our irritation
We would be and are wise if we allow this to become inspiration
To set our eyes and souls on the better things of beauty
And let this then become what we forge together in our legacy

(c) December 7, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Newfields IMA 11242019





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