Urban Christianity

A Sunday sort of poem…

Limberlost State Historic Site and Loblolly Marsh 12072019

Urban Christianity
by Michael Romani

Fully formed in my Christianity
I have come to belief quite rationally
But, also find it credible emotionally
Bit by bit, I have been ratifying
These things of belief, I find soul satisfying

Agrarian in all matters of simple trust
It's a respect well earned as it must
Be to be won in moments felt sincere and just
Not just an office hours mentality
But, as if, one were part of the community

It's often not enough that God has His reasons
Or, to understate life as a passing of seasons
Still, just as with Job, suffering isn't God's treasons
The belief in evil and suffering requires transcendent truth
Or, it can't be defined as we have since our youth

Nature suggests that the strongest will survive
But as we live we need more than to be alive
And so we tussle with this until we arrive
Concluding there must be a supernatural standard of God
It's by this means that the Cross is understood

Science can't get you from the is to the ought
Nor serve as basis for any morality willingly bought
There are bigger questions with answers that must be sought
And science alone cannot adjudicate the controversy
The essence of things that must be resolved through God's mercy

Some people claim faith as a gift just not received
But to believe that they don't act on faith is self deceived
Logical proofs of cannot evidence things like equality
Yet to most, this is the accepted axiom of our reality
Leaps of such faith are truisms ingrained within us

So much we take for granted is both reason and belief
So much of what we act on is needed to give relief
The constant fight against injustice requires we withstand grief
This mix of reason and faith is our very human legacy
That provides the very best of all things we hold contemporary

(c) December 7, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Limberlost State Historic Site and Loblolly Marsh 12072019





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