Crack of the Cosmic Sky

Started watching a series on various sites world wide that are connected with our world’s belief systems.  From that.. this:

Salt Water - Sun Rise

Crack of the Cosmic Sky
by Michael Romani

The story it seems
As it's told
Is that in the cosmic scheme
The world was already old

Before humanity walked the earth
Before our tears and our mirth
Almost even with our first breath
We wondered what lies beyond death

Each tribe of early man
Did what only we can
Building symbols of belief
Always seeking true relief

Monuments of brick and stone
In hope that we're not alone
Sculptures of ice and stone
Hoping that we might atone

Long before God was in Heaven
Communed over bread unleavened
He walked, talked and play on Earth
In community with us in cycles of sadness and mirth

There in the days when spirits talked
Monoliths were raised where pagans walked
A silent watch was held in reverence
Where love of earth was held in preference

For the rise of sun and fall of the moon
Where high tides and low tides come too soon
And life itself seems unfolds to pass by
There in the crack of the cosmic sky

(c) January 9, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Abstract Falling From An Asiatic Sky




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