A Side of Forgiveness

Love, life and laughter all take forgiveness to be best lived.

Hannington Endowment For the Arts -Are the Stars Out Tonight?

A Side of Forgiveness
by Michael Romani

She smiles as she whispers
Speaking directly as to what occurs
To her mind when it listens to her heart
About the truth of things fallen apart

That imperfection can be beautiful
And introspection is often wonderful
Holding my hand she tells me 2020
Will be a good year seen in its clarity

That the best of the world isn't seen
But felt inside the hearts gently being
And then she seals her message with a kiss
Promising the world I would not miss

Her eyes tell me that truth, forgiveness and love
Can make this shared earth like heaven above
One that is filled with best of imagination
Constant in its striving toward our creation

That to be peaceful and utterly lost in forgiving
Releases the selfish burden into truly living
I smile at her pleasantries and sweet touch
Feeling not quite as certain but needing much

To know that when judgment meets acceptance
There is less need to feel guilty repentance
And to live more deeply into that abundance
That offers the shelter of its resplendence

No longer gossiping about people but of things
And dreams and hopes and souls that openly sing
This world of ours suddenly made into a better place
The moment my eyes rested upon her beautiful face

(c) January 31, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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