Bestest Friend

I was watching a bit heralding the advent of computers and all that has happened in so short a time.   It’s true and it’s fascinating.  But how long do you think it took me to think of the flipside?  I remember all those comic books I once read.  And a flashing mental neon sign keeps warning me, beware!  Danger, danger….

The Empire Room - Sexy Robot

Bestest Friend
by Michael Romani

In assembled bits of zero and one
The demise of mankind has begun
Despite our great habit of resilience
We will be no match for artificial intelligence

It takes twenty four minutes for us to learn
The apps that machines immediately discern
This is the outcome for our finest minds
Tell me which of us doesn't fear being left behind?

The obviousness of a simple click and drag
Didn't take into account the inevitable virtual lag
That makes the simple hard in its execution
Despite the virtual gamer's determination

Fast forward into the web's architectural design
Splitting false domains into yours and into mine
The great and the awful are all in our presentation
As we chase around and round inside our imaginations

Everything is our that we might decide to choose
It's as if our wills are weak and cannot refuse
Dabbling in a web that is beyond vast temptation
Drawn ever further seemingly without real intention

I've a feeling computers are laughing at our mess
As we chase our circles we will never confess
More and more AI monitors our self quantification
Pushing for more and further of our self-gratification

While computers take over little by little, more and more
Making greater decision until these are trusted more
Does anyone ask where all of this might end?
I know, let's ask Google, it's our bestest friend!!

(c) February 13, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Burnfest At Night - I, Robot




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