Digital In Our Memories

As some may know, I am exploring the nuances of virtual reality and integration of this into life in general.

Digital Art - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto

Digital In Our Memories
by Michael Romani

Digital in our memories
Listless in our legacy
We have no choice but to exist
As our ghosts live on and persist

Somewhere in the somehow
That lingers beyond the now
Outcomes given in choices
Nothing can destroy our voices

Once brought into the moment
In the fullness of joy and torment
We collapse into our reality
Loving Schrodinger's creativity

It's all in our understanding
Sometimes dense and too demanding
We are deductive in equation
Secrets shared in this creation

Lost inside the corridors of our mind
We search deep until the moment we find
Tears felt inside our silent rage
Cats of fantasy captive in our cage

Establishment of connection let's us in
Pixellated madness felt like total Zen
Impatient with the time that passes
Eyes seek a phoenix rising from our ashes

Biometrics block us from our all
In distant memories we no longer recall
We pray our Lord to see us through
As we see those things we know aren't true

(c) February 13, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Digital Art - Tick Ticking Away




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