Leaped To Conclusions

February 29, 2020.  This day shall live in my personal history as a day like no other.

Glenshalane Woods - A Crab and His Bubbles.. (Who Knew?)

Leaped To Conclusions
by Michael Romani

Today is a day unlike any other day
So many changes have blown my way
Today is the last day I'll use this name
Here and beyond it's originating game

Today as they say is the first
That is coming with new found thirst
Keeping after all the good things going on
Passing the point where it's nearly gone

Life that is despite its rippled pond
What I am giving up being kept from the beyond
No longer willing to be part of the slave mind
It's time that sort of thing is left behind

Given a certification offering its recognition
From persons certain, I've made a risky decision
I now make my way injured as I am into my own lane
No longer caring who defines this as being vain

Career ended but friends and family still kept in heart
I have chosen today to keep those things of a new start
And those things of old that truly most matter
Bonds of love and friendship I will never shatter

From this point on, I will be by my own name known
Tearing down the walls of all this blog shown
Holding only to the standards of myself, family and friends
Having only to tie up a few more loose ends

I am thankful for those who keep faith and encourage me
I turn my back on those who don't and discourage me
There's no time like this time to make this the right time
Determined to make or break my dreams however sublime

Those that remain that know that I love them know
That taking this leap of faith on leap day is my flow
Thankful to God and friends for all the best given
Now is the time to get behind my wheel of miles yet to be driven

(c) February 29, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Bellisieria - Lissome Home - Night By the Ponded Canal II




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