Lessons Learned As To Revenge

Living well is the best revenge taken.  Forgiveness over anger.  Love instead of indifference, pain or extreme dislike.

Where Peaceful Waters Flow - Mid Day Blue Heron

Lessons Learned As To Revenge
by Michael Romani

Revenge is our undoing
A debt that keeps accruing
When really best left alone
Least it becomes a weight kept growing

We humans are a silly lot
Lessons learned and quickly forgot
Believing only we know the right
Getting lost along the day to night

Splitting off in our own direction
Seldom accepting of good connection
At best, we pause to take in a view
Before restarting our journey without a clue

We are warned to dig two graves
As this journey seldom saves
That which we hope and wish for
And its price exceeds its value all the more

It is wiser to be unlike the one
Who has caused our hearts to be undone
Succeeding in building a better legacy
And being unlike those who have causes us injury

Instead we should seek to improve ourselves
Through laughter, love and books from the shelf
For an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind
It's far better instead to choose to be kind

Forgive life's slights and all it's injury
Becoming stronger into our better energy
Embracing instead peace and love's sweet journey
In this, gain God's forgiveness and not enmity 

(c) March 1, 2020   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Grace Baptist Church - Know, Jesus; Know Peace





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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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