As Sinners Saved By Grace

Based in part on the Book of Matthew:

House of Prayer - Listening With My Angel

As Sinners Saved By Grace
by Michael Romani

Let there be no kind of mistake
We must move beyond heartbreak
For the good of God's and our sake
To give as much forgiveness as we take

We are the finished work of the cross
Given the grace by our Father's loss
Prayers of being who we're meant
Inspired by the spark of God's sent

A son given for the sake of the world's hurt
Ever compassionate and on highest alert
To show our love as our Holy God has done
Though I doubt I would ever give daughter or son

The fire within us brings the world's creation
It's what understanding gives in destination
Seeded to do the things to spread right action
And in so doing harvest our life's satisfaction

Walking in the experience of grace we understand
Holding tightly to the love felt hand in hand
Salt of the earth and the shine of the candle's light
That provides the path through the darkest night

Not in always finding fault but in setting example
Given little by little and offered in best sample
Impressive by the lack of ideas of presentation
For a total lack of external falsity of pretension

It's best to keep away from the snap judgments
That are too often perceptions slightly bent
By the distortions that we live as we so often give
Caught so often at being wrong as we daily live

Our filters and thoughts are not very objective
In point of fact, these are mainly subjective
Almost always conclusion is often interpretation
When so much around us is open to manipulation

Even if we had the ability to truly fairly discern
We ourselves have not lived the lives that earn
The right to judge those as if we're without sin
Maybe that point is worth repeating again

So it is that we must go and try to sin no more
Sin is sin, again and again, flooding past our door
Into the need for God's healing and loving grace
It's just the truth that we do well to so embrace

The only thing that will matter on judgment day
It's the sobriety of the Lord's touch given our way
We need to walk in humble judgment of our mistakes
Mindful toward the  mending of our own heartbreaks

With each other make the choice to be ever kind
Extending the grace that we must not leave behind
To see the world through Jesus' eyes of love
And in so doing making life more like heaven above

(c) March 2, 2020 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home -Soft As My Harpist's Melody




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