Web Store Grand Opening Announcement For Fine Art America Presence

I want to share with the readers here that my presence on Fine Art America has been upgraded to premium as I relaunch my product lines there.   The store is now open and functional for business but will be further refined in the coming days.  Please know that these items are available around the world and shop from five different locations.  The following is the announcement that I released to my family and friends on Facebook. 

To my family and friends, please know that if you’re looking for that decorative piece for your home or elsewhere, that my new premium Fine Art America site has opened for business as of today.

There will be numerous design choices available for a large range of products, cards, even things like shower curtains for your purchase from this site. There are 25 basic designs currently available now and many, many more will be added shortly. Also please know that if you take a look at my Flickr account and see anything you like there that hasn’t been added to the Fine Arts America site, that can be easily and happily remedied.

Please take a look at the product line so far.  I am open for input from this select crowd (those whom I have valued for a lifetime it seems or as long as I’ve known you) as to pricing and any other constructive input.   I welcome all constructive input and ask that you at least please take a look and consider making your design/decorative purchases here:


Thanks in advance for all consideration!!





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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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