Metrics of Consideration

I believe that one day we will look back at this time of creativity for the human race and see it as a time of near global renaissance.  

Waterworld - An Observation of Pretty Bubbles Meditated

Metrics of Consideration
by Michael Doyle

Tickled with the details of consideration
Soaking it all up in drips of moderation
We see the content of life sift and dangle
In front of us with each brand new angle

So much exists that we've yet to truly see
In the inevitability of webbed creativity
Not all of this has to come from introspection
Quite a lot of this is accidental collaboration

Around the world, people continue to conceive
In ways so different it's hard to believe
The different but similar things we perceive 
Shaped and observed depending on how we believe

Spaces created and breathed as we let life flow
Allow us to realize things before we truly know
The connections we breathe in and see
Opened up to all of this almost magically

Finding reached edges we all but refuse to fall
As we open ourselves and the universe calls
Loose ends and constraints become best defined
And becomes our new world as it becomes refined

There in all of its awe and it blessed conceptuality
We find our separate paths and ways into creativity
Down the stairs into our mentally kept basements
We access true freedom breaking free of encasement

Navigating our way into an energized motivation
As our awareness grows with vast infatuation
Touched from somewhere deep in an infinite inside
The metrics expand until they simply cannot hide

(c) March 3, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Preiddeu Annwn - Metric Jinn





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