Crawled From the Crypt

Does anyone remember a very old television show, Dark Shadows?  When I was a kid, they tell me I would cut through the woods after school let out instead of taking the bus and run some 3.5 miles to catch it every day.  I was always fascinated by that sort of things back then.  Anyhow…

Nocturne-Vampire the Masquerade- Candles Burning

Crawled From the Crypt
by Michael Doyle

There are no limits to what men will do
Of this much, I know to be true
Unsealing doors meant to be sealed forever
In vain pretense, it's seemingly clever

Curious in habits that breed suspicion
Bleeding truths out only by forced attrition
There is a dark shadow cast over acts
That cause the truth seeker to fight for facts

There's too much cost to the silence
Hiding behind veiled threats of violence
What is it then we are trying
And is it worth the cost paid in the buying

Into the graveyards of storied yesterday
The grandfather clock strikes tomorrow's way
Some would pick the locks of secrets kept
Chained in the sorrow of yesterdays wept

Troubles trembled into living the now
In borrowed sorrows reborn today somehow
The push of the pull of the strong willed
Uncloaking darkness that should not be revealed

Unchain the coffin to let the evil out
Sledge hammered to remove all residual doubt
Be careful of what we wish for
Is a well advised adage hanging on fate's door

(c) March 16, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Allhallow's Showcase -  Bones Takes A Coffin Break





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