Given In Our Father’s Measure

Based in part on Luke 6:38:

House of Prayer - Pastor Brett Offers Another Encouraging Message

Given In Our Father's Measure
by Michael Doyle

Give unto the fullness of our own measure
We will know and give our heavenly treasure
It's on ourselves to set rightness in motion
To be the pillar of understanding in our emotions

Being the bigger person is to be that holy light
So very needed in this world's darkest night
Bringing the melody of our music to the song
Of a loving world in which we all truly belong

Anathema as it is to the world's duplicity
It's right to bring togetherness in simplicity
Of being and doing all that we can set tempo
To ignite the spark that flame of change we know

That the world needs and that God wishes sown
So that His love is spread and convincingly shown
It's not a name it and claim it theology for you and me
But one in which we welcome all to God's generosity

All of this in a world filled with harshness and blindness
Is that it starts with you and me to be the kindness
Being grateful in all that we do and say along the way
Is the start needed to face all throughout the day

This is the path to purposeful and true abundance
By living life in all of its fullness and resplendence
If you build this kind of life around you all will come
To find their way easier to our Father's kingdom

You have to have faith to learn to walk on water
You have to keep the trust to walk with our Father
To think that we only give what we are given
Is to almost completely forget that we're forgiven

It is up to us to hold and spill out the best seed
In the giving of our all we find all that we need
The blessings we give we more than we regain
It's the truth of the joy heard in sweet refrain

Kindness done to the least is doing unto the Lord
It's repeated often enough as to be almost implored
To freely give is to be given to just as richly
Like a boomerang love given returns abundantly

All of this is set by the standard that we each set
Fullness of measure decides the treasure we get
It's there in our best of  each and every transaction
The result of things gained by our words and actions

All of our lives amount to doing unto all the others
Remembering every person as a sister or brother
Always centered on all the very best we can give
Principle centered on others as we breathe and live

(c) March 16, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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