An Indictment of the 20th Century

We have lived through the bloodiest and cruelest century of mankind’s history.  God surely must be crying.

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An Indictment of the 20th Century
by Michael Doyle

Einstein insisted God did not play with dice
While other insisted God needed no such advice
With so many changes as to cause disorder
Even revolutionaries have found a need for order

The Twentieth Century brought a new level of mayhem
Leaving humanity's prospects looking rather dim
In a clash of old and new, we have faced modernity
Knowing nothing resembling anything close to certainty

Twin pillars of disastrous pessimism
Gave birth to both communism and fascism
Both bringing new levels of man's destruction
Bringing our world to where it could barely function

Socialism has bred nothing short of calamity
Claiming the lives and souls from the face of humanity
World War Two did not end until Nineteen Ninety-One
Now humanity holds its breath as a pandemic has begun

The Twentieth Century was the bloodiest of history
Genocidal, homicidal outrages are its tearful legacy
Piece by piece of this horrifically long litany
Is and has been nothing short of shattering travesty

This breakdown of society and its feigned civility
Is the cultural course that fades our morality
Shaken and stirred  beyond all sense of sensibility
Diametric in its opposition to all good is our legacy

(c) March 18, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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