The Lure of America

Americana history has always kinda been my thing, right?

To the Stars  - 4th of July -  Fountain Americana

The Lure of America
by Michael Doyle

The lure of America and her promise
Rests in at least one simple premise
That rising above the conditions found
When born is a dream worth chasing around

The lure of freedom and chance for liberty
Is part and parcel of and with our history
Here in this pace of grand possibility
Led the settlers who lived our early history

Goals and dreams however flawed are the thing
Of a people who struck forth as human beings
Pouring forward in coming succession
Are the stuff of hope that brought immigration

Remnants speak to those who came before
All of who come seeking just a bit more
Some of these have come and gone
Some of these still linger on and on

This land of refuge and opportunity
Has lent each whisper leading toward our legacy
A God of second chances given to all
Is found throughout our history's wall

It's the spirit calling all to the west
The Elysian Fields that offer best
The settlement of America is Europe's unsettlement
Brought rise to what would become what America meant

East to west and west to east called in imagination
Of trade and adventure across the European nations
Pushing forward in oceanic navigation
And even brought about the notions of the modern nation

(c) March 22, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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