The Spark of Growth

Based in part on Luke 17:1-6: :

A Cross to Bear Into the Twilight

The Spark of Growth
by Michael Doyle

We do not need to live in fear
Rather it be from afar or near
We must live by faith in our day
The Lord is righteous in His ways

In His presence we find grace
Loved within His every embrace
Knowing that we are made pure
And in knowing we can be assured

So many things that we would do
But then don't but still it's true
That we would always do our best
Knowing that love is our final test

Let's turn our house into our home
In the strengths we each own
Seeing is the believing of being
Grasping each part of the dream

Our example of faith is walked
Not just a thing of being talked
Kindling of our best aspirations
Sparks the essence of inspiration

This then is how we shall live this
Giving our love and forgiveness
Putting our candles forth as light
As our world walks its dark night

This world is wrapped in blindness
In need of the ways of loving kindness
Give our truth and love to others
Practicing this with our sisters and brothers

The measure of our fullest sense of blessing
Is not at all a matter of second guessing
In being willing to give what it takes
To make things better despite our mistakes

Not just the telling but the ever showing
So that our lives model our best knowing
Igniting the spark  of our best intention
By the actions taken and given attention

The slow train coming is the one of value
Holding these things dear to me and you
Walking the walk of being more than woke
Correcting these things that are broke

Holding ourselves to a higher standard of being
Walking that walk forever that we are seeing
Being the model of all the best of our influence
Bearing the cross in focus as a social confluence

Modeling those thing that will not crumble
Bearing upright so as not to make others stumble
In a world full of wrong we should be the right
Shining out our father's light into the world's night

Watching ourselves in our steps of reconciliation
Accepting the repentance with due consideration
Realizing that offenses are to be simply forgiven
As life is as life does in this world in which we live in

The world needs a kind word and some tenderness
More than rebuking, it needs our heart's gentleness
It is this then that is most likely to bring restoration
And through this that we find needed reconciliation

It's through these things we find growth in life
Finding our way to more peace and less strife
In the ways we walk in love they will know 
That as followers of Jesus we have learned the flow

The faith of a mustard seed moves our world
With the flags of our love are openly unfurled
We need to use this small amount of faith to build
To move the world with God's love revealed

Cresting and being that spark it the best meaning
Is the path of rightness that  is the best of being
Always living life like a sermon that was meant
Giving to all the same mercy that we've been lent

(c) March 22, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Cherished - Lighthouse On An island Cusp





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