Set’s Blinding of Horus

Egypt has some fascinating legends from long ago.  Some get slightly retold as time goes on.

Ancient Egypt/Amana Revisited - Pryamid At the  Crack of Dawn

Set's Blinding of Horus
by Michael Doyle

Few know the whole of the story
A tale needed in all of its glory
In a time before history began
Egypt is where the gods lived with man

All was as if a sort of paradise
Out beneath the desert skies
Even the promise of their lesser creation
Who in their worship were promised salvation

Able to manifest every sort of transformation
These gods become beasts to rule this nation
Osiris sat as the king of the Nile's life
While Set, in isolation ruled in bitter strife

Until the time came for Horus to take the throne
While Set believed earnestly this was his own
Testing the entirety of the Egyptian nation
The wrath of Set was wrought in its black negation

Still, the gods did not alone chase after destiny
Mankind was also determining the world's history
Violent and foolish in every sense of detail
But in every way as much a part of this tale

Never doubt that the gods are lesser than love
Or, that the fight for love is the one thing of
Even the gods in their glory shake and tremble
Knowing that their own hearts are less than nimble

Many gods were immersed in their vain story
Singing songs and raising toasts in self glory
There are after all, those bad reputations to keep
So, it is rumored the willows grudgingly weep

Tokens of gratitude from the least to the great
An the poor each shall struggle against this fate
Fighting for and against the truest wealth and legacy
That all are part of a just god's vast family

There at the coronation, the great Horus did bow down
To accept the fullest weight of his father's crown
That is, before Set in his darkness slayed Osiris
So says the legend written on reedy papyrus

On this day of darkness, peace was surrendered
For the cause of lesser things to be tendered
Ensuing in nobility's righteous attempt to fight
Against Set of the black and most unholy night

(c) March 24, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Egypt - Sometimes Everyday is Hump Day





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