A Federation Begins

In the formation of the American Constitution, the world’s political  republican theory took a leap into reality despite some downsides.

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A Federation Begins
by Michael Doyle

The extending of institutionalized slavery
Remains a bleak mark in American history
Kicking the can further on down the road
As America moved onward in proclaiming liberty

This enslavement and indentured servitude
Are things for which there can be no gratitude
Though it was something seen as expediently necessary
It was and is a stain on our great legacy

Although seen as problematic for our economy
It ill bespeaks those who were calling for liberty
The Founding Fathers are otherwise exemplary 
But this allowance was nothing short of contradictory

Jefferson and Washington actively agonized over this
Still, the inhuman contradiction cannot be missed
This offense against God was all but incomprehensible
And in no way at all is it or was it justly defensible

The prevailing belief was that slavery would disappear
Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellery spoke this without fear
Of its own weight, slavery would not last as long as a speck
In failing to act, the Founders nearly brought our wreck

The Constitution in its language is quietly circumspect
As to the righting of this wrong and given to neglect
All allegedly for the reasoned fostering of our unity
And was mentioned mostly in absence of its ubiguity 

The range of possibility was not then understood
That this bad might be negated in favor of the good
Trans-Atlantic slavery and fugitive slave laws
Are the only insertions within the Constitution's clauses

Yet, the evidence points to a period of transition
Peeking at the cusp of ending this abomination
The 19th Century would bring about needed abolition
But, in no way was our nation founded on this foul institution

History sadly bears no immaculate moment of conception
To say there will ever be perfection would be deception
This was but one issue of many confronting Federation
As each state moved toward their consensual ratification

The Federalists versus the Anti-Federalists were concerned
Over the paths taken and the lessons well learned
In concentrating power in the hands of the very few
With many an opposing view brought into the public's view

Patriots as great as Patrick Henry feared for monarchy
Through handing over power despite the evils of near anarchy
Heated issues brought rise to some very colorful writing
Words flung as a matter of course of political infighting

The arguments made by Hamilton, Madison and Mr. Jay
Are some of the most persuasive writings to this day
These were the definitive essays of political interpretation
That caused the small 'r' republicans to face their repudiation

'If man were angels, government would not be necessary'
Is perhaps one of the most famous edicts of our history
Instead the gambit is to have ambition counter ambition
There is, it is believed, not greater source of inhibition

Strategically came the checks and balances of force
Which has become seen as the wisest way and our course
This was and is the last best chance at republican government
Any other outcome was seen as and would be to our detriment

The choice before the Framers was between reflective choice
Or, mankind being chained to  accident's tyrannical voice
In this new science, we find history to be used against history
To form a far greater moment unfolding in the world's mystery

Though the Anti-Federalists were quite thoroughly defeated
And in our American politics were quickly unseated
Their arguments established the embodiment of the Bill of Rights
And as such should, these men should be seen as Liberty's knights

The protection against encompassing power was given to liberty
As has been shown needed again and again in American history
These few words are integral to our freedom's protection
And have served well the People of our American nation 

(c) March 25, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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