Death and A Desert God

A further adventure in Egyptian myth.

Burn2 - Fire Rooster -  Pyramid Scheme

Death and A Desert God
by Michael Doyle

Without ambition, Horus would quietly assert
That to kill a desert god, you must kill the desert
To kill a desert, requires Ra, God of the Sun
And with this knowledge, the quest was begun

With a prayer that grandfather Ra remember his face
The great Horus asked for his blessing and embrace
Having lost the power of flight, the Lord of the Air
Needed Ra's help to ascend to his mighty lair

With wings regained, Horus flew to the highest height
To beseech the assistance of the killer of the night
Bringing a mortal along to the source of all creation
Though the sun would shine as it must without cessation

To ward off the cruelty of darkness is a continuous fight
One that while successful takes nearly all of Ra's might
Chaos must never be allowed to destroy blessed Egypt
This the greatest of the creator's great edicts

The equality of all is the creator's glory and will
And the uncertainty of destiny, he will always conceal
Every god's life is intended to be lived as journey
While strayed paths cause weakness carved in destiny

Still, death and destruction are Set's determined way
Some would wish for the life giving waters each day
Rather than allow Set's excessively desired rot and decay
Scarabs and hell hounds cannot be kept long at bay

It's an evil king who brings not but savage death
Quenching the hopes and dreams of those with breath
Nothing can satisfy destruction's large appetite 
Insistent on darkness to drown out the light

(c) March 26, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Throne of the Dead





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