A House Divided

The worse war America has ever fought was the war against ourselves, the American Civil War.

Downtown Indianapolis -  At the Side of Abraham Lincoln

A House Divided
by Michael Doyle

Lincoln's inaugural was an attempt at reconciliation
The mystic chords of memory were bonds of affection
The siege of Fort Sumter put this mood to an end
Lincoln was given no choice but for the Union to defend

As the South fired the first provoking shot
The preservation of the Union was the casted lot
As the South fought to defend her sacred ground
If only the textile industry could but make an ally found

The North imposed an anaconda like naval blockade
To prevent the South from gaining materials and aid
And Lincoln sifted through generals looking for a winner
Until at last relying on a trusted and reliable sinner

In this course, Lincoln at last move to set free
The slaves in the South for the benefit of liberty
The Emancipation Proclamation though weak in formation
Freed some slaves while seeking support for our nation

The fortunes of war ebbed and flowed in seeking victory
Until the Gettysburg Address redefined the ideals of liberty
By the people and for the people expressed its sentimentality
Dedicating our land once again for the good cause of humanity

In 1864, Lincoln was to win his contested reelection
While his former general, McClellan sought by insinuation
To stake the claim that Lincoln's efforts were in vain
Courageous and steadfast, Lincoln would instead remain

Despite much of the disdain felt, Lincoln kept his eyes
Nobly fixed on the much needed and valiant prize
Fighting mightily against bouts of angst and depression
Lincoln would prevail in regaining our nation

In his Second Inaugural, 1865, Lincoln sough conciliation
Fully recognizing that slavery was a problem of all the nation
Not a regional matter, but, one for which we all must atone
Shortly after, Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox; victory won

There was a mood of much deserved and earned mutual respect
With malice toward none and charity that we would not neglect
The Rebels stacked their arms bravely in proud humiliation
To be welcomed back as brothers into the fold of our nation

The worse war in all of our unfolding American History
Bound our nation back with much deeply felt empathy
The wounds of war would long linger on
With the rise of America's newly risen dawn 

(c) March 30, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Juneteenth Celebration - Eiteljorg Museum - Raparations Paid In Blood (The Emancipation Proclamation)





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