Getting Your Shot

Photography is a bit of a passion of mine.  As this pandemic rages on, the decision was made to review a Great Courses program to review the fundamentals as a sort of brush up.  Today’s lesson was about equipment. From this was gleaned:

Rummu Quarry - I Only Read Scientific America For the Pictures.....

Getting Your Shot
by Michael Doyle

Shooting is shooting
And what's most contributing
Is your level of control 
Whether at a target range
Or taking photos on a stroll
The comparison may seem strange
But, I for one would know
That it's often got me
That you want to squeeze softly
To get your best shots
The ones not quickly forgot
It's important to brace
As your eye and mind quickly trace
Your target's intended trajectory
With usually only seconds to see
And when you get the shot you're glimpsing
You'll find yourself oohing and aahhing; chimping
To confirm that there isn't something forgot
This is the key to getting your shot
Aperture and shutter speed supply their voices
And in these, you find the light of your choices

(c) March 30, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Bryn Oh's The Standby -Moviing Pictures




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