At the Speed of Light (Embrace the Blur)

In this pandemic, I am not especially getting a lot of outside time, right?  But, I am sort of reviewing photography fundamentals.   Anyone else studying anything or reviewing anything while a whole lot of inactivity is going on?

LEA 19:  Hybercube by Moki Yuitza -In Through The Blurred

At the Speed of Light (Embrace the Blur)
by Michael Doyle

The spigot controls the flow
Filling up the empty sink
Photo taken on the roll
Heavy in exposure explored on the brink

Time imperceptible to hear
Yet, the shutter speed renders clear
A millimeter can be a mile
When it comes to capturing a crocodile smile

Throwing up grinder sparks to me
Lays it out quite eloquently
Locked down without hurry
To avoid the appearance of being blurry

Water drops hang like drops in air
With slight change, we arrange
Until it's a curtain dividing with care
Seemingly effecting almost a phase change

The longer the lens the quicker the speed
It depends on the shot for what you'll need
Between the effects of speed is a lot of play
Depending on how artistic you want to be that day

Anticipating the moment
Is crucial to the shot
Sometimes in less than a minute
You must decide before it's forgot

Though even a blind hog
Gets an acorn once in a while
And even a wagging dog
Can capture a heart's smile

Conversely, with a slow light
Motion can be captured just right
Just a little dab of blurring
Can convey motion occurring

To capture fast or slow
Is more a feeling than a know
The joy of heartfelt connection
Guides that direction

Unafraid to go beyond the obvious
To capturing the iconic and not oblivious
Is the use of ghosting or panned action
All the to photographer's satisfaction

(c) April 5, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Particle Show -  Big Bang Captured





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