The Floriography of Our Easter Love Renewed

Na/GloPoWriMo Day 11, 2020… and hoping each of you is having a blessed Easter eve!!  Today’s poem prompt is to write a poem featuring the secret language of flowers, floriography.  Given that I have been with my two little girls all day, I was tempted to rehash a poem I wrote a few years ago.   Then as I refreshed my mind on the symbolism my mind slipped into thinking on two things, Easter and my love for Desiree….

House of Prayer Dockside - Always In My Prayers

The Floriography of Our Easter Love Renewed
by Michael Doyle

Pressed like your words between two lips
Are your tulips offering me forgiveness
For my two hands holding onto your hips
Knowing that neither of us will deny this

Like Victorians in our unspoken symbology
Our love runs as deep as our shared theology 
As we walk along the gardens of your womanhood
The nosegay over your heart is understood

White robed apostles of hope come to bloom
Reminding where Jesus' sweat released us from our doom
In repentance, your innocence and purity
Returns my thoughts to virtue and upholding dignity

The purples of your azaleas remind that like royalty
You have become and are my queen, safe in my loyalty
As you give me the temperance of self control
I know that each of us takes up our rightful role

Handing you a single rose with five soft petals
Each as if the wounds of Christ, worn like a medal
Forgive my heart for it's lingering mortal sin
And I know this Easter, we do renew our love again

(c) April 11, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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