The Reagan Renewal

American History continues through the Reagan presidency:

SL13 Spectacular - 1920s Berlin Proect - Birony Delorean

The Reagan Renewal
by Michael Doyle

By the late 70s, the Conservative movement formed a coalition
Not all were of the same mind, but it combined of its own volition
Seeking smaller government and less onerous regulation
Ronald Regan came to speak to this before the nation

The Great Communicator was a master of using the television
He put aside questions as to being qualified with great precision
In his younger days, he'd been a liberal Democrat with sympathy
Approaching their intentions with his gift for empathy

Reagan was nothing short of a shrewd conservative voice
In the stream of history, he was the coalition builder of choice
George H Bush, however, was favored by the Establishment
Yet, Reagan offered a more hopeful vision for government

He was the perfected transformative leader for our nation
Compelling in his simple message about our destination
Simple questions asked  as to the People's betterment
His long coat tails provided for a most stable government

Offering that lower taxes raised greater revenue for our nation
With the same truth demonstrated by Mellon and Kennedy's avocation
The Democrats still favored Orwellian technocratic control
Reagan preferred freeing our money with a less bureaucratic role

The effect of increasing our military's budget
Brought a bit of doubt at unemployment raised to 11%
As we rode out an inflation stopping period of recession
We arrived at better public confidence of good impression

The Reagan/Bush Team won their 1984 re-election
The landslide given proved the electorate favored his direction
Rampant deficit spending was surged on by needed spending
With the Cold War conflict seemingly almost never ending

With a straight ahead philosophy in which they lose, we win
He began to restore our dignity and military might again
The circumstances led to laser-like SDI implementation
Causing the Soviet Union to realize the strength of our nation

Mikhail Gorbachev came to power urgently seeking reformation
Perestroika and Glasnost would come to rule the Soviet Union
This was an enormous time that provided much opportunity
Reagan pressed at Berlin's walls in a shining moment of history

(c) April 11, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The 1920s Berlin Project - Berliner Post Newstand





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