An Easter Of Empty Churches

What an odd sort of Easter wasn’t it?  But perhaps a lesson to be learned…

St John Orthodox Christian Church Monastery - Mosaic of Confession

An Easter of Empty Churches
by Michael Doyle

April of 2019, Notre-Dame was burning
And in this, we were surprised and learning
That there would be no Easter held there
The question was would it ever reappear

April of 2020, and our worse dread is reality
The gates of so many churches shut in actuality
By the perhaps felt necessary order of government
But, if ever there was need for God sure this is one meant

Not this Faustian bargain based on broad assumption
That Church could not be held safely is the presumption
The figure of Jesus of Nazareth hangs on His Cross
As His believers suck this up as a fundamental loss

In consensus, in a time of need we barred the door
To the lepers, the believers, the rich and the poor
Since the first Easter was ever knowingly celebrated
There is a critical unease by believers so fated

How have governments come to practice excommunication
Based on the fear of COVID-19's untimely infection
Still as it is, we the faithful, must find our capability
To pursue our faith in homes and in our sustainability

Perhaps in these home churches, the will to believe
Will once again thrive even as we fearfully grieve
Holding tight to the Word in our hope it will sustain
Even as this pandemic delivers it's cursed bit of pain

Hopeful hearts wait to fill the now empty, barren pews
And meanwhile find spiritual comfort in all of its hues
Knowing beyond knowing, that prayer shapes believing
This is particularly true in a world filled with deceiving

Through all the plagues and wars, we have prayed to the Son
But there has never been an Easter quiet like this one
We must show our love of others at a diminished distance
Knowing that with Churches empty, we'll meet resistance

How fitting to find in a way, empty churches like caves
While in our hope we quietly contend that Jesus saves
Is it at this moment of crystalline realization
That we find the Church is all of us in our revelation

(c) April 15, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Baja Sands -  Jesus Saves





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