What Color Is A Soul?

We’re half way through NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2020 and it’s April 15th.   The stated optional objective is to write a poem reflective of the color of any particular brand of our choosing.  This brought to mind an argument brewing since the 1970s.   Does ‘race’ matter in the playing of blues and jazz.  This poem is reflective of my thoughts on the controversy.

Mardi Gras Jazz Trio Silhouettes

What Color Is A Soul?
by Michael Doyle

On the far side of the hyphen
We bring it back again
There ain't no crime
In swinging in jazzy time

Be we black or white
Blind to the sight
Spoken with optimism
We don't got no time for racism

Black legends of jazz
White legends of jazz
It's all razz-ma-tazz
Even with brown legends of jazz

Satchmo said it best
When he said there is no racial test
For cats who wanna blow
It's all down to the musical know

However, powerful the race consciousness
It simply takes away the truest bliss
Some folks just plain forget history's reference
And want it played to racial preference

What started out Creole in New Orleans
Quickly became the idiom of American dreams
There's a soulful feeling that is blind
To the color barriers best left behind

Stomping the blues might be from the South
But as its legend spread by word of mouth
So then did it's breakdown of segregation
There can be nothing less than complete integration

It's nothing but a Crow Jim set of beliefs
That lends to little more than unjustified grief
To say we can know the color of a soul
Cats of all colors refuse that heartless control

This mistaken fostering of ominous Black Pride
Is inexcusable in its harsh down side
Like notes of a hanging judge there's a lack of truth
Reality holds differently even where uncouth

Political correctness is musically questionable
As such it's nothing less than objectionable
Race can never make its case for true distinction
And the living must breath or know extinction

(c) April 15, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

NOLA @ Fairhaven -Jazz Club





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