To Become A Knight

To be a knight is to be a servant for the country and its people.

Museum of Tournament  -To Test Your Mettle

To Become A Knight
by Michael Doyle

The darkness is coming
There's no use in running
Ruthlessly conquering as it comes
It brings us to our knees
Mindlessly numbing
Savage as it is cunning
Taking us all and not just some
Doing as it wills and pleases

The world is in need of heroes
Waiting on signs from prophecy
To stop the lust for power
Awakening with a start
Surpluses driven to zeroes
As far as the eyes can see
Fate has come in this hour
When even the brave lose heart

Still, fighting desire is needed
Where instincts call to the soul
Still, a boy has to learn his way
Despite being knocked to the ground
There are lessons to be heeded
Consigned within a warrior's role
All in preparation for the day
When knighthood will be found

Doing what he can do
Doing what he must do
To survive all coming trials
He must have the will to become a knight
Straight, noble and true
Servant of God; protector of me and you
Learned of all needed of martial styles
He must have the will to become a knight

The darkness brings its destruction
Burning fire devours in its flames
Crushing all that gets in the way
As its riders spread the unholy word
Wise to the ways of instruction
The weak will bear the blame
God's knights  must hold the day
Though the days pass as if blurred

(c) April 19, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Museum of Tournament  -A Roundtable For All




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