What Shall We Name Him?

Day 29 of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2020!  The objective optional prompt is to write a poem about a pet that has or had our heart or has otherwise distinguished him or herself in our hearts and souls.   For me, that will take the form of a confessional of sorts about dog recently obtained by one person (my lady love) and named between us two people divided by a nation as this pandemic came crashing down on us.

A Snowflake Dream - A Cuddleful of Love

What Shall We Name Him?
by Michael Doyle

Such a puppy as this
Has the special power
With a lick for his kiss
To brighten every hour

You were looking for the size of a poodle
We compromised for a Golden Doodle
With his teddy bear flair
And without a warning to beware

His playfulness stole our hearts
Just a word to the wise to impart
His energy is beyond all compare
And unflinchingly he ensnares

What shall we name him?
Do you even have a whim?
We look up doggie style names
While he plays his puppy games

What shall we name him?
We laugh a smile of a thousand whims
Saying each until he responds with a wiggle
I laugh and you joyfully giggle

We'd tried noble names like Ascher
And he just did not bother to answer
This turned out to mean "Happy"
And though that suited his personality

It didn't quite seem to truly suit
The core of his personality at the root
With another bark and laughing lick
Your face lit up as if it found just the trick

Our Golden Doodle boy became "Bailey"
As he responded with a cuddle quite dashingly
We knew, no other name would quite do
And so he is now Bailey to me and you

Shared socially distanced and over Skype
Which for this once, lived up to its hype
A sudden triumph of glitchy technology
Overcame this circumstance of epidemiology

Over the screen, that glow on your face
Was just such a glow, I live to embrace
Though separated now by the breadth of our nation
We managed to name our boy when he reached your destination

(c) April 29, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Failure to Thrive - Tanks For A Memory of Cuddle Fish




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