On the Articles of Confederation

In these down times, I am taking a moment to reexamine and better understand the Constitution.   The following is a look at the deficiencies of the Articles of Confederation under which America arose as a nation.

Mystic Falls - A Clock Works Inclination

On the Articles of Confederation
by Michael Doyle

The purpose of government
As it is clearly meant
Is to protect our God given rights
Consent is given to secure these lights

Instituted with only their just powers
Dedicated to securing liberty in all hours
For all citizens in the pursuit of life and liberty
This then is the anchor point of our history

Post-Revolution we find debt and instability
A discovery of doubtfulness in our recovery
The United States despite our dignity
Ceded to each state their sovereignty 

Each state differently but to the extreme
In their majoritarian, legislative supremacy
From a war fought against centralized tyranny
Were responsive to changes to the point of anarchy

Paper money was the bane of our economy
As inflated values resolved nothing in finality
Religious minorities lost their protection
These problems did not escape detection

(c) April 29, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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