In An Argument For Union

In  a further look at American history, let’s take a poetic look at the foundations of federating our republic:

Another Planet by Cica Ghost  -In Rememberance of America

In An Argument For Union
by Michael Doyle

Each of these concerns had the attention
Of our Founding Fathers with keen intention
James Madison's essay noted these vices
As he dissected the cure one by one in slices

Eleven vices that make for bad policy
Unjust and hurtful in their futility
The argument made is the flaw of majority
That it is not the wisest course proven by history

When the majority oppresses the minority
Disallowing that minority its truest dignity
Then we cannot say its ruling in a just way
Violation of rights come every single day

Thomas Jefferson was deeply in agreement
Experienced as he was in the ways of government
The democracy of the unfettered majority
Breeds the injustice of a tainted plurality

An elective despotism was not fought for
This realization became the golden more
Seeking after natural rights in representation
These gradually became the way of our nation

Consent does not protect the minority
This we found in our new sobriety
Always seeking toward natural rights
In all of these troubled days and nights

(c) April 29, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Lady Liberty Salutes America





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