Making Pictures

Probably the most important part of photography beyond having a camera and then taking photos as you luck into photos that just innately make sense to you as you click and shoot is how to compose those photos into that something better.  I’m still working at that.  Probably always will be.

Burning Man - Deep Hole - Elliptical Orbits

Making Pictures
by Michael Doyle

Looking and thinking in the decision
Just what it is with precision
You want to say on a particular day
Making order out of chaos in every way

The split seconds that work well
In giving what it takes to tell the tale
Something interesting this way comes
With a roll of life's drums

Making pictures depends on the frame
All the difference between good and lame
It's all about what will make it sing
Cause it don't mean a thing without its zing

Focused on the details that become conception
It's not really about or in any way deception
But to provide just enough of needed information
Without distorting your story's vital formation

Multiple images to find the one
To find the keeper picture that is done
Getting rid of the unneeded distraction
To capture the needed in quality refraction

Choosing carefully what we see
Then making it appear naturally
It's a matter of changing perspective
Though that's a thing quite subjective

It's all about the experimentation
Finding what prods your fascination
Using the rule of thirds to change the image
In turn, helps bring just the right message

Off centering can create dynamic tension
Becoming the thing that draws attention
It's truly a matter of that perception
Feeling out moments in their collaboration

A collection of what which pays off the whole
Keeping nice, clean edges all in control
And remembering always to shape your frame
This is the bread and butter of the photographer's game

(c) May 1, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

LEA15 - Gardens By the Bay -Framed Ant




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