A Faithful Companion

Based in part on 2 Sam. 7:29:

House of Prayer - Living the Golden Rule

A Faithful Companion
by Michael Doyle

In a world filled with grief and acrimony
God wants to bless our lives through testimony
Loving us unconditionally and wanting our best
He walks beside us ensuring that we're blessed

Of the blessings is the promise He made to us each
Jesus' promise to never forsake His flock within reach
In our every struggle and in all of our endeavors
Jesus stands beside us all as our personal savior

In these moments remembered that God brought us this far
As we have followed His ways following His true star
In all our doings, it is the Lord's name of magnification
It falls on us to acknowledge this in our appreciation

I seek that the Lord will in all ways bless my home
And all of my family in knowing we are never alone
It is a good, earnest thing to know that we can
Sitting before the Lord though we are but woman and man

Looking back on the relationships of all of our past
We look toward the future in all the hopes that will last
Moving forward each step of the way in joyful supplication
We seek God's good will in all for our best satisfaction

Though at times we are asking what it is that we should do
We must keep God's counsel and His word in our constant view
As the love of a Father insists on all undivided good
We approach life knowing that it is as it must be understood

It is then up to us to keep the good habits that keep us alive
Not merely getting by or over or under just to say we survive
Instead seeking blessings actively in what our homes choose
Seeking the right guidance of which we know not to refuse

Living lives of discipline and seeking in all ways our purity
Forgiving us as we forgive others and keeping our history
Not as something to weigh us down but as to lift us up in our days
Keeping the Word of God as our own in keeping all of His ways

God knows and we know that if we will listen we will hear
As we pray to Him all our hopes, dreams and at times of fear
We believers live the good life that we have in supplication
All the days of our life to be lived in fullest appreciation

Every child of God has the promise of everlasting God within
Though at times life comes at us and we feel we're wearing thin
Neither forgotten nor ever shall he forsake as in obedience 
To Him as we live walking our days under stewardship and guidance

Guided through God's eye, listening in our every circumstance
We live in joy in our wisdom shown to us in all His providence 
We ask; we trust; we wait and then in all humility we obey
Each day's new beginning is that of God's promises along our way

In so doing, we find ourselves sealed in our enabling power
To strengthen us in all we do in all of our many living hours
In all that we must do we must carefully listen to God's plan
He most certainly has a plan for every woman and every man

In every moment we find that good or bad we reap as we sow
This is the absolute truth as every seeking soul must know
Understanding in our obedience and reliance that we get done
All that God requires as we live under His moon and His sun

Sowing the goodness in our lives in our fullest obedience
Never putting aside the ought or the should as expedience
Our is an awesome God who has in mind that we will find our best
It is in so living that we can expect and be truly blessed

When things happen we do not quite understand, we seek the lesson
This God of ours will never be one to leave us along and guessing
We live forgiven and in and through His love faithful always
In giving to us what we need as it comes to pass through our days

We gather at the foot of the Cross despite our indecisions
Living our best lives despite our aim's imprecision 
Secured by God's only begotten Son finding temporal end at the cross
And providing our salvation through His momentary loss

(c) May 4, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer -Let Our Homes Be Homes of Prayer





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