Tribalisms of Empathy

Society’s kindness has gone markedly down as we tend to polarize and communicate online via social media more.   It’s sort of sparking a lot of interest, particularly in these times of social isolation,  in getting folks to begin dialoging more in real time, face to face.

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Tribalisms of Empathy
by Michael Doyle

Under the umbrella of empathy
Are provided nuances of connection
It's a challenge to sympathy
But catching that contagion's direction

Empathetic concerns burn into differences
A million points of view in inference
Sharing the realm of mixed feelings
Wobbled as they are in fluid reality

Pushing forward in acts of kindness
In the pain of a world full of blindness
Started into startled inhibition
By the selfishness of strident ambition

Looking out for oneself is part of life's brutality
When really what's needed is community
We are, after all, all in this together
Knowing this and acting on it makes life better

As I was walking on the edge of a local marsh
I was thinking on how enforced isolation is harsh
And if that harshness is simple physiology
Or, do the mirrored feelings go beyond biology

Wearing the genes of our heredity
I slip down the gradient of empathy
Watching as society diminishes in communication
There is a just fear in my heart for our nation

Meanness is on the rise; kindness is in decline
Polarized as a nation in ways we should not refine
Trust gets harder and life is grown impersonal
As angry voices find their disconnecting control

In this prevalence of anonymity
Our world grows colder in its loss of empathy
Straight text; no voice, leads to dehumanization
Breaking down further our morass of communication

Clues missed that make up the parts us so human
Once removed, lend boldness as it sadly can
But not to the best or even slightly better
As we forget that we're in this together

(c) May 4, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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