Finding the Good

I had a discussion with someone many years ago about why I wanted two princesses to be familiar with the literary classics from which there were derived the 5′ Shelf of Books aka Harvard Classics.  After all, the contention was, everything they need to learn they do at school.   After I picked up my jaw from the ground in dismay, I just never addressed the topic with that person again.

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Finding the Good
by Michael Doyle

The culture of reading has become depleted
Ill spoken of almost if no longer needed
The words read teach us how to discern
There is so much out there to learn

It's a glory of the human soul to understand fiction
The truths laid out in well told depiction
Imagination knows us fully through these pretenses
Teaching us to come to know through all of our senses

There is a continuity of perceptions of consistency
And much to be gained through verbal historicity
The experience and wisdom to be heard and seen
Are the best of things that come to be human beings

Shakespeare's "The Tempest" brings a world of imagination
Created in songs, sonnets, books and plays of creation
Some of these are things to remember and others not
But then how should you choose which should be forgot

There is on certainty without any hesitation
That is that most important things require questions
Implicit in its all is the finding of the good
To the greatest extent to which we've understood

"The future," said Churchill," though imminent is obscure"
It's only through its resolution does it become secure
Neglected though it is too often in the tainted ways of man
Each of us learns through exposure and then does as we can

The principles learned from classic literary fiction
Are applicable to life's many mysteries and frictions
Despite all the daily smoke that comes from confusion
The story teller lifts the veil from our illusions

There is a right and wrong opened to investigation
Visible to us in our life's many and varied observations
The imaginary world somehow rises above the commotion
Artistically putting choices of reasons and emotions

Education draws out a keen role for the capable
In putting forth truths that make us more able
It is these assertions of our every nuanced meaning
That make each of us best as humans sincerely being

(c) May 5, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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