On the 1619 Project

An ahistorical work that seeks to repudiate the founding principles of America won the Pulitzer Prize today.   In my eyes, all luster is now gone to both the Nobel prizes and the Pulitzer with this move.   It’s not as though critics from both conservative circles and from the Left as well have not pointed out that the narrative has very little basis in documentable facts.  Nor has it not been pointed out time and again that The 1619 Project is little more than a propagandist hit piece.  Yet still it’s being put into the curriculum across our nation and now this prize.  It’s horrifying really.

Indiana State Museum - Natural History Section

On the 1619 Project
by Michael Doyle

It's not just my proposition that victimhood
Can never be promising for the public good
We are a nation of individuals equal under law
Not a nation of groups divided into all against all

The 1619 Project may have won the Pulitzer Prize
But is wrong minded and is ahistorical in discerning eyes
We who love America cannot allow this tool of alienation
By propaganda untrue to history and values sway our nation

Replacing the true meandering path of American history
The miscreants who wrote this hope for historical illiteracy
And embrace divisive group rights based on political identity
Having more to do with asserted privilege than history

It can never be the right path to allow Balkanization
Surely not, for those wanting the good of our nation
Our unalienable rights have always been our struggle
Still, the Declaration of Independence was not a bungle

These propagandists insist America was built on tyranny
Having very little, if anything, to do with liberty
Passing over the Notes from the Constitutional Convention
These alleged journalists prefer fiction of their own invention

Toxifying the record of compromise in the name of pluralism
Giving sway into a liar's club of outright ill-liberalism
This is little more than arbitrary, capricious mal-intent
The plain wrong of self-loathing in virtue signaling content

Its purposes are the clear nonsense of repudiation
Attempting to do away with the core principles of our nation
Overturning our republican values to favor of democracy
In all of its self serving mob rule sense of mentality

Where if something is said loudly enough it becomes true
For a false sake of social justice that just won't do
Unity is needed through true consideration of what's told
And not this bill of goods that has been oversold

Even the Trotskyites declaim the project's integrity
Grappling as it does with the fabric of lacked legitimacy
Sincere Socialists rightfully asserting that issues need be real
It's the conceived truth not ill-liberal fairy tales we must reveal

(c) May 5, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Women of Science History Museum  - The Gears of Time





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