Thought For the Day: On Each Part of the Human Race Is Laid the Duty To Keep Alight Its Own Lamp of Mind As Its Part In the Illumination of the World

“On each race is laid the duty to keep alight its own lamp of mind as its part in the illumination of the world. To break the lamp of any people is to deprive it of its rightful place in the world festival.” -Rabindranath Tagore, poet, philosopher, author, songwriter, painter, educator, composer, Nobel laureate (7 May 1861-1941)

I would differ with this in the recognition that despite our differences in skin tint, there is only one race, the human race.  I will gladly amend this on the discovery of aliens.  But in all parts, human or otherwise, we should allow almost all cultures to be celebrated in their diversity.   I say almost because I’m not particularly of those who would kill off others for not agreeing with their views such as say ISIS and other such groups.  Otherwise, there is world of beautiful and wonderous differences which should be celebrated for the worth they bring to us as human beings.  I hasten to add the obvious, included in this is that Caucasian peoples and culture should be celebrated as well.  All lives matter.   Anyone who says otherwise is a hater of the worse kind.



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