Thoughts On the Hubble Space Telescope

I find it fascinating that my lady love and I are both interested in things like the exploration of universe and soul.   I actually wrote this poem yesterday but didn’t post it.  Sort of ran out of time talking… hmmpph….

Sagan Palentarium - Hubble Telescope

Thoughts On Hubble
by Michael Doyle

Overhead we see our silver river
A straw path toward our forgiver
Today, we call this the Milky Way
Crossing our paths in each of our passing days

Light pollution in the many urban skies
Blots this beauty out from youthful eyes
But in our darkest places, we study where they are
These same three billion glowing stars

New stars form and shine for us to see
Out there in this vast cloudy sea
This where we wonder wandering in our home
Puzzling over the question of if we're alone

Into this, we have sent the Hubble to spy
To discover what we might marvel over in its supply
There in that vast interstellar tapestry
Revealing to us piece by piece, parts of this mystery

With a blackhole at the center of our galaxy
There in a silver cluster of great immensity
Light years map our universe's multiple faces
In its intensity, this is what serves as our spaces

Launched as a deep space program in 1983
The Hubble telescope studies this galactic sea
Overlapping in their core of traced light years
We wish on these to assuage our hidden tears

In a billion galaxies more than one star is born
Continuing blessed it assures us not to be forlorn
Pinks and blues meld together in their collective
Giving our night skies a spiraled perspective

Diffuse light finds its similarity
As Hubbles searches for some familiarity
And yet, you and I wish on our stars tonight
To have those wishes allowed as they might

(c) May 7, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Second Life Planetarium At Spaceport Alpha- Eye of God Sees All




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