Birth of Merlin

Which was your favorite?  King Arthur? Or, Merlin?

Hogsweed School - Blue Moon Rising

Birth of Merlin
by Michael Doyle

In 480 AD, in Britain's Dark Ages
Arthur, Camelot and Merlin rode into its pages
Shrouded in the fog of great mystery
It's half lost from the pages of history

Magic and semi-mythical beasts spawn
In these days of chivalry and brawn
As violence and bloodshed blot the country
There in a time that remains legendary

These were the ancient days of Merlin
As his wizardly ways did begin
A castle sits on a stormy night
When a child is born to second sight

Posed a question that of maiden's purity
And with it, rested that of her sincerity
Should the child just born be put to death
Even as he takes his first small breaths

The druids have provided counsel for the land
Through plagues and famines while kings command
A wise man knows not to anger the gods of lore
For in doing so the risk is less than poor

(c) May 13, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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