Reading of Minds

The best and truest magic in the world remains love.  Still all the same, there is even among even those wishing to become astute wizards, a strong desire to be able to read minds…

Sky On Fire

Reading of Minds
by Michael Doyle

I would suppose it one heck of a notion
That amounts to a simple proposition
To read a person's thoughts on mind
In all that tangles it leaves behind

One must first come to know 
In all that signs that do show
The little things of the heart
For these however hidden do not depart

Think not of magic and trickery first
When other means might quench the thirst
The heart is the secret to all human beings
If you might know best what they mean

It's in this that we gain passage and learn
The basic things magic will never earn
To be able to create that which is light
And in so doing, to illuminate the night

In doing this with right intention
One must be weary of the things of attention
In the subtleness of confidence
Such things require graceful diffidence

If one is to fulfill
Regardless of what one wills
To perform a wizard's role
While keeping chaos in control

Spells in a book of knowledge
Takes the wizard to his Hyperborean edge
Where everything he needs to have known
Can be read carefully and be shown

Such information as needed to know
In all the ways of mystery that flow
This brings each to who we are
As surely as the reading of the stars

(c) May 13, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Crystal Gardens -  Kiting On An Impres Day



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